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Cybertruck Flag Mount

Cybertruck Flag Mount

SKU: 217537123517253



    It's a flag pole holder for your Cybertruck.
    -  designed to fit Cybertruck's L-track
    -  black 12 gauge plus cold rolled steel
    -  beefy 2.5 pound welded construction
    -  L-track studs: included
    -  beer opener: included
    -  fits poles 0.80 to 1.24 inches in diameter
    -  use 6 or 7 foot poles for best results
    -  best with flags up to 3 feet by 5 feet
    -  fasten poles quickly with just two knobs

    It's a flag pole holder for your Cybertruck.
    -  It's got a hexagon like Starship's tiles.
    -  It's low poly like the Cybertruck itself.
    -  And it will open your beer.

    You can find other flag holders that jam into the back of a trailer hitch down low, but we designed this one just for your Cybertruck so that you can fly your flags up high.

    And this thing can chill-out UNDER your tonneau cover! Safe and secure. When you're ready to fly your flag, just open the tonneau, plant your flag, and tighten those two knobs by hand. Fast and easy!

    You will need these tools to attach it to Cybertruck's L-track mounting system:
    -  9/16 inch or 14 mm socket wrench
    -  That's it!

    Our "Foundation Series" PAIR option is a set of two of these things from our limited edition prototype pilot build, and they will be delivered ASAP in May. The ONE, TWO, and FOUR options will be delivered in June.


    Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.


    Cybertruck Flag Mount ships anywhere in the United States via fast USPS Priority Mail.

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